My Favorite Toys and Games for Visual Skills

  As a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, one area we often support with children are  visual skills. This includes ocular motor skills (eye movement skills) visual motor skills (eyes and hands working together) and visual perceptual skills (ability to organize and interpret information seen.)These skills are essential to develop as they […]

Fun Back To School Books

I can’t believe summer is over and it is time to head back to school!!! My daughter is starting her last year of preschool this year…. where does the time go! Changes in routines can be hard for both adults and kids,  I have found prepping in advance for the […]

Travel Toy and Activity Ideas

  Do you have any upcoming travel plans? Maybe you are taking an end of summer trip or starting to think about holiday travels? I’m teaming with some awesome Occupational Therapy blogging friends to share some compact and fun travel toy and activity ideas to occupy your kiddos time on […]

Gross Motor Activity Ideas

  It is SO important to incorporate movement activities for kids during the school day! Children need movement breaks to help them to be able to concentrate and learn. I  like to do movement activities at the beginning of my OT sessions, prior to seat work activities. Many gross motor […]

My Favorite Books to Support Learning about Emotions 2

One of my favorite school activities is to support classroom teachers with teaching about emotions and helping kids to learn strategies to develop self regulation skills. I am so lucky to get to work with amazing SLPs (Speech and Language Pathologists) and we will often go into classes together to […]

Pre Writing Activity Ideas

As an Occupational Therapist working in the schools, I work with many preschoolers on pre writing and early writing skill development to help to prep them for kindergarten. Having solid foundational skills are so important for writing skill development! While we work on many activities to facilitate classroom success, here […]

Easy St Patrick’s Day Rainbow Craft

Lets face it, life gets busy!!! I usually am able to plan crafts ahead of time, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Here is an easy craft I used in the clinic this weekend with NO prep time required….perfect for the busy therapist and parents. This is a great craft […]

playdough recipe

My Favorite Playdough Recipe

The last time I tried to make play dough it was a disaster and I vowed never to make it again. It turned out way to sticky and stuck on everyones hands. I recently signed up to be play dough mom for February in my daughter’s pre school class and […]

My 5 Favorite Games for Pre School/Early Elementary Ages 1

  I love using games during Occupational Therapy treatment sessions! Not only do they facilitate a variety of developmental skills, they also help with social skill development (ie: taking turns.) I have so many fond memories of playing games with my family and friends as a child! I love giving games […]