Visual Skills

Miffy - Hide and Seek Game - Includes Hint Cards and Doll with Sound


Miffy Hide and Seek Game

A new twist on hide and seek and great for a variety of ages. Kids love finding the talking bunny!

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Melissa & Doug Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck - Wooden Toy With 7 Animals and 2 Play Figures

Safari Animal Rescue Truck

A fun multi functional toy for visual perceptual skill development!

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Melissa & Doug Vehicles Sound Puzzle (8 Pieces)

Melissa and Doug Sound Puzzles

These are great early puzzle skills, kids love the sound that activates when puzzle pieces are placed in the correct spot!

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A great starter dominoes set that can be used in a variety of ways and is travel friendly

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Doodle Dice

We love this game as it helps build on visual perceptual skill development.

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This is an exciting game that incorporates lots of movement!

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Mr. Mouth

Get your colored pieces into the frogs mouth!

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Scatterpillar Scramble

This musical caterpillar moves to music!

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Melissa & Doug Shape-Sorting Wooden Dump Truck Toy With 9 Colorful Shapes and 2 Play Figures

Melissa and Doug Shape Sorter Dump Truck

This is a new twist on the classic shape sorter.

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Bed Bugs

Kids get the plastic colored bugs off of a vibrating bed.

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LEGO DUPLO My First Cars and Trucks 10816 Toy for 1.5-5 Year-Olds

Lego Duplo 10816 My First Car and Trucks

A great lego set for basic design copying/visual perceptual skill development

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Melissa and Doug Monster Plush Bowling Set

6 pins, all a unique color and texture, numbered, and silly.

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Spot It, Spot It Jr., Spot It Frozen, and more

This is a great game as it comes in a variety of themes so you can choose one that is of interest to your child.

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Battat Sound Puzzle Box

A great first shape sorter with 3 basic shapes (circle, square, triangle) that makes sound as the pieces go in.

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I Spy Bingo

Kids are given a bingo card and are shown pictures of letters and items which they need to match to their card…a great gradable bingo game!

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Fisher Price Brilliant Stack and Roll Cups

This toy can be used in multiple ways- you can stack the cups, or push two of similar sizes together and they make a ball that you can roll.

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Perfection Game



A great game for visual perceptual skill development

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank


Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Piggy Bank

A great game for early visual perceptual skill development

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Learning Resources Smart Snacks Shape Sorting Cupcakes

Shape Sorting Cupcakes

These are great for both kitchen pretend play and early puzzle skills as well!

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